Mar 1, 2010

Technology leader provides low cost entry into ultrasonic screening technology


(Nürnberg) The ultrasonics specialists of the Swiss TELSONIC AG are presenting a new ultrasonic screening system at the Powtech trade fair in Nürnberg. With Sonoscreen easy, users can efficiently screen fine and light weight bulk materials. The reasonably priced wide-band basic system is very easy to operate and is also available as ATEX version. With Sonoscreen easy, the manufacturer is rounding down his product range and providing customers with convenient entry into the highly efficient ultrasonic screening technology.

"With Sonoscreen easy, users acquire our efficient ultrasonic screening technology at an unbeatable entry-level price", promises Antonio Augello. "Using eight different configurable basic programs and variable intensity, mainly fine and light weight bulk materials can be highly efficiently screened", continues the Product Manager for Screening Technology at TELSONIC. The three new ultrasound generators SG4L, SG4L twin and SG4L pro provide 100 Watts. They operate as a wide-band system and control several constantly changing resonance frequencies.  The intensity of the power output can be infinitely adjusted between 30 and 100 percent. Users can cover almost all standard screening situations with the eight basic programs and the intensity control. The operation is performed in STC (Single Touch Control) mode using a single button. An installed serial port also enables the remote control of the screening process.

Screening diamond powder reliably

The basic version, SG4L pro, has been specially developed for switch cabinet installation. The other two generators can activate one or two screens and comply with equipment category IIID for ATEX Zone 22. The converter is installed outside the screen. A rotatable angled connector ensures that the connection cable projects in the required direction. Sonoscreen easy allows the users both to continue to use their own manufactured screens as well as to rely on the established quality of their TELSONIC products. Sonoscreen easy can also sonicate other structures. For example, powder residues can be removed from container walls, deflector plates or chutes.

Due to the externally positionable converter, the newest development of the Swiss ultrasonics pioneers is also well suited for mini and precision screens. For example, diamond powder, rare metals powder or PMMA powder for LCD displays are screened with screens of 100 mm diameter. The screening performance for such materials is between ten and one thousand grammes per hour. The new generators automatically compensate for voltage fluctuations in the mains power supply. Therefore, the screening result is not influenced. With Sonoscreen easy, the manufacturer has made the technology of his high tech product Sonoscreen plus available for an entry-level product by downsizing. TELSONIC is showing the new development in Germany for the first time at the Powtech trade fair in Nürnberg.

Swiss pioneer and technology leader

The Swiss TELSONIC AG is the pioneer in the field of ultrasonic technology. The company, founded in 1966, with subsidiaries in Germany, England, South-East Europe, China and the USA as well as a joint venture in India and representatives in many countries, holds numerous patents. It applies ultrasonic technology to welding, separation welding, cleaning and screening, as well as to chemical processes. TELSONIC patented its ultrasonic screening technology in 1994.

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