Jan 20, 2011

TELSONIC acquires SonicSolution Systems

In an effort to expand its global marketing activities in the field of ultrasonic metal welding, TELSONIC Holding AG of Switzerland, a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, has acquired SonicSolution Systems (S3) of Massachusetts.

This decision elevates the close collaboration between the two companies to the next level, and further enhances the global support of customers with challenging applications, culminating in the establishment of an even stronger technical team.

Ever since it was first founded in 1966, the core competency of TELSONIC has been in the field of ultrasonic technologies. The company has been active in providing innovative ultrasonic solutions for a variety of industries. Recognition of the challenges and the limitations in today’s metal welding applications have led to further investments by TELSONIC in this unique joining technique.

By utilizing the spirit of innovation and the long-held technologies, the global team of metal welding experts at TELSONIC is poised to meet the demands of growing markets such as the automotive industry. With high-powered systems and unique torsional welding technology, the TELSONIC group has expanded the metal welding spectrum, facilitating the joining of various materials, sizes and geometries previously outside the capabilities of ultrasonic metal welding.

Saeed Mogadam, who is the co-founder of SonicSolution Systems, will remain as the president and CEO of the new TELSONIC subsidiary in Massachusetts, which will be operated under the company name TELSONIC Solutions. Saeed Mogadam’s involvement in ultrasonic metal welding technology started at Delphi Packard, followed by 23 years at the helm of STAPLA Ultrasonics Corporation. Rooted in technological advances and guided by the pioneers of ultrasonic metal welding, SonicSolution Systems was established in cooperation and close collaboration with TELSONIC. The team at S3 has extensive experience in the field of ultrasonic metal welding, serving various industries for several decades encompassing the Americas.

Through its subsidiaries and joint ventures or agencies in China, India, UK, Germany, Serbia, Michigan / USA, and now in Massachusetts, the TELSONIC group will continue to expand its innovative solutions, superior products and reputable services in the field of ultrasonic metal welding.

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