Nov 14, 2019

Telsonic children on the future day

Entering uncharted territory and experiencing a job accompanied by an adult person from their environment: This opportunity was used by students on 14 November as part of the National Future Day at Telsonic in Bronschhofen and also had a lot of fun!

We had 10 children with us, who got an insight into the work of the automatik, the electronics, the computer scientist, the welder, the salesman and the accountant.
The goal of the National Future Day is to promote the open gender-independent career and life planning of pupils. That's why hundreds of companies, organizations, vocational schools and colleges all over Switzerland are opening their doors on the Future Day. Girls and boys of the 5th to 7th grade are invited to accompany caregivers to work or to participate in exciting special projects. According to the motto "paging", they discover gender-atypical occupations, work areas and careers, and learn that they have many options.

Daniela Schlegel, Human Resources at Telsonic AG

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