Feb 23, 2016

Telsonic Collaborate with Warwick Manufacturing Group on Ultrasonic Metal Welding


Since its inception in the early 1980’s, the University of Warwick’s Manufacturing Group (WMG) has continued on its mission to improve the competitiveness of organisations through the application of value adding innovation and new technologies. WMG has built strong links with both manufacturing companies and technology suppliers to develop world-class production processes that bring significant benefits to manufacturers across a wide range of industry sectors.

Telsonic UK is currently working in collaboration with WMG, and one of their research partners, to explore the benefits of ultrasonic metal welding as a clean, fast, controllable process which delivers joints that exhibit excellent electrical performance.

Telsonic’s ultrasonic metal welding technology already has an established and proven track record in the field, and this played a major part in the decision by WMG to select Telsonic for this project. A series of extensive trials were carried out at Telsonic’s UK facility in Poole and the company’s headquarters in Switzerland, to determine the power requirements and tool face designs which would be needed to cover the full scope of the project. The results of these trials allowed Telsonic to determine the optimum specification and configuration for the system to be used by WMG. Now on site at Warwick, the system includes a Telsonic MPX50-1 linear ultrasonic metal welder, powered by the company’s SG22 series generator, which operates at 20kHz and has an output of up to 6.5kW.  

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