Jun 23, 2023

Telsonic Further Enhance Telso®Splice Wire Splicing Systems

Telsonic’s Telso®Splice TS3 & TS6 are recognized as established and industry proven, state-of-the-art wire splicing systems. The TS3 variant is already widely used for small splice welding applications and featuring most user’ friendly operation with a lightweight and compact design, it is ideally suited to portable applications such as cable harnesses on assembly boards. TS3 is also a valuable asset in preproduction runs and is available in a variety of table-top and standing table configurations. The Telso®Splice TS6 variant embodies all of the same functionality as TS3, but with a more sturdy components to allow larger cross-section splices.

As a World leader in the field of ultrasonic technology, Telsonic maintains a program of ongoing product development and innovation, and the TS3 and TS6 wire splicing systems now feature a number of enhancements and upgrades. The new TS3-7 uses an even more precise displacement sensor for the welding height, and the gather spindle now features dual bearings to allow additional service life. With a larger viewing window, and easier anvil side blocks replacement, operability and maintenance are further simplified.

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