Jun 17, 2015

TELSONIC generator MAG success story with 2016 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van


The RU Project for Venture Global Engineering using the new TELSONIC generator MAG has been in the making for 2 years for TELSONIC Ultrasonics Inc. TELSONIC assisted Venture Global Engineering and Chrysler with the design of the parts and the welding process. One of the key factors of getting the project was that we are a local company and have a great reputation for after sales support and set up. Another key factor that guarantee us the project is that we have the capabilities to do design layouts for our customers before any purchase order is issued.


We knew ahead of time that we would be getting the order so we were able to get the ultrasonic equipment on order before a purchase order was received. This helped to shorten lead times. The complete project consisted of 116 generators MAG and 432 weld heads (Converter, Relay, cable, horns, ect.). TELSONIC was able to start shipping product to Venture Global 2 weeks after receipt of the 21 purchase orders for the job. Within 6 weeks of the orders being placed all ultrasonic components had been shipped. The ultrasonic tooling started to ship 4 weeks after the orders were placed and has shipped complete within 4 weeks after that.


The job consisted of 30 electrical cabinets with 1 - 11 generators per cabinet. This was possible due to the MAG’s compact design and ease of mounting. The TELSONIC generator MAG was ideal for this project due to its integrated quality monitoring and the straightforward configuration. There was a learning curve when the customer switched from the SGM to the MAG but after a brief training the customer was able to program the units with ease.


We used the following TELSONIC generator MAG:

916 120 110 MAG-W035012-E-C-01 Generator, 1200W, 35 kHz 

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