Dec 19, 2014

"TELSONIC is offering reliable, customer-specific ultrasonic solutions"

1. Why does FLAWA use our Cut & Seal technology?

"For more than 25 years now we are successfullycollaborating with TELSONIC. Our long-term partnership began with the commissioning of the first cut’n’seal installation (cut & seal) in Switzerland for the production of the M.I.C. non-woven compress with closed edge.The wound dressings of previous generations still had open edges.

Another big advantage of TELSONIC, apart from their technological expertise, is their geographical vicinity because, prior to commissioning a functioning system, a close cooperation is required during the test phase."

2. Why did you opt for this technology?

"Because thanks to ultrasonic cut& seal technology the dressing comes with a reliable, clean, and lint-free edge. With the help of the cut & seal technology by TELSONIC, FLAWA was one of the first companies to offer completely closed dressings on the market."

3. What are the benefits of ultrasonic for you?

"Using ultrasonic, clean and reliable cutting and joining is done in milliseconds. In addition, it enables us to combine mechanical and thermal cut & seal technology without the risk of discolorations. This reduces production times and costs considerably. No other technology offers us these convincing benefits."

4. Please describe the technical application of your installation.

"Our installation produces compresses for wounds and eyes in several sizes. Different functional layers (membranes, acquisition layer, absorbent core, back sheet) of these compresses are being separated and thoroughly welded together in one production stage."

5. What is most important to you as a product developer?

"The installation must provide constant quality, offer reliably computable production output, and in addition, provide some flexibility for future use of similar products in the field of wound compresses. Particularly during the commissioning phase of special-purpose installations, I appreciate TELSONIC`s competent project management. If issues arise I have TELSONIC as a cooperative and rapidly responding partner at my side."

6. How much efficiency increase do you see with the use of this installation?

"We see the biggest advantage of the new ultrasonic machine generation in their higher system stability with respect to material fluctuations. 

In addition, the setup process for changing formats today is much more efficient than before and saves a lot of time and costs. A big advantage is also the person independent production; thanks to that, we can simultaneously assign our employees to different tasks."
7. In your opinion, are there other options available?

"High frequency or thermal welding is not possible, as the process is highly material sensitive and individual fibre layers would stick together unintentionally.

In my point of view, there are no more suitable technologies available for this installation besides ultrasonic, because ultrasonic is suitable for a very broad material spectrum and optimal for non-melting fibres."

8. What does TELSONIC mean to you?

"In my opinion, TELSONIC is a reliable partner with a long-standing expertise, offering ultrasonic solutions for special-purpose installations. I am looking forward to a continued good and reliable partnership."

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