May 2, 2016

TELSONIC offers fast and competent support


"TELSONIC offers fast and competent support during the entire purchase process."

(Interview with Günter Kühne, managing director of G3 Electronic Technologie GmbH from Meiningen which is located near the Swiss border at the foot of the Alps)

G3 Electronic Technologie GmbH has been a competent partner for customized strand and cable connection, as well as for the trade in electro-technical products of well-known manufacturers since 1995. The managing director Günter Kühne explained in the interview why he choose Telsonic. 

You use two strand welding machines from Telsonic in your company. Why did you choose us? 

"We were on the look out for welding machines. In an Austrian press article we came across Telsonic. Telsonic’s close geographical proximity and the fast and expert consulting, as well as the high-quality samples convinced me. That is why I decided two years ago that we would buy our first Telsonic strand welding machine Telso®Splice TS3.                              

In order to be able to cope with the constantly increasing job-order volumes for strand weldings, I purchased a second strand welding machine from Telsonic in the autumn of 2015. On average we carry out 30,000 weldings per week and machine - up to today that is a total of approximately 2.5 million weldings. 

Why did you opt for this technology?

The ultrasonic welding was a customer specification. We could not realise what the customer specified using soldering. Also, we wanted to improve the quality of the products. Due to the fact that large volumes need to be flexibly produced within a short space of time, and we do not wish to introduce shift work, we chose ultrasonic welding.

What are the benefits of ultrasonics for you?

The ultrasonic technology is excellently suitable because of the fast production times and the fact that no additional adhesives are required. Medium-sized companies do not use ultrasonic technology very often, which means that this is a competitive advantage for us. In addition, the outer diameter and the transition resistances of the welded strands are smaller compared to traditional production processes. Yet another advantage are the fast tool changes without set-up process, as well as the high flexibility when it comes to the welding of between 0.5 – 40 mm2.


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