Aug 7, 2023

Telsonic receives the SIQT Innovation Award for Electrical Engineering 2023/24

Telsonic, a leading Swiss manufacturer of ultrasonic systems, has been honored by the Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (SIQT) as one of the most innovative mid-sized companies in Switzerland for 2023/24. In the field of electrical engineering, Telsonic achieved an outstanding 7th place.

The SIQT Innovation Award recognizes companies with an annual turnover of less than CHF 1 billion to honor the innovation strength of Swiss mid-sized enterprises. As an objective evaluation basis, all patent grants for Swiss companies within the period from January 1, 2021, to April 30, 2023, were considered. The research encompassed patent offices worldwide and additionally considered citation frequency as a qualitative component.

Telsonic owes this recognition to its significant investments in the development of ultrasonic systems in recent years. These efforts have enabled the company to discover novel approaches and create innovative technologies applicable in numerous industries.

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