Sep 28, 2014

TELSONIC Ultrasonics Make Cutting & Portioning a Piece of Cake

Telsonic’s growing reputation for performance and reliability in ultrasonic food cutting applications led specialist food industry automation supplier Newtech to seek their advice when building their latest dual robot system to process tray baked product for one of the UK’s leading cake manufacturers.

The use of ultrasonic technology to cut and portion food products, especially the soft and delicate varieties, continues to increase at a steady pace as the benefits of the ultrasonic process are realised by growing numbers of manufacturers. Combining ultrasonic technology with robot systems offers a highly flexible and effective solution to many different food-cutting applications.

To get the best out of any application however, it is essential that all parts of the ultrasonic system, from the generator to the sonotrode or blade, are optimised for the application. For Newtech’s latest application the specification requirements included a fast clean cut with no smearing, accurate portion control, reduced waste at edge of tray/offcuts and low noise.

Telsonic supplied Newtech with demonstration equipment, including a 500mm wide blade, to allow trials and customer demonstrations to take place. These trials were conducted across a range of tray-baked product including flap-jack, malt loaf, slab cake and brownies, with and without inclusions.

The outstanding performance achieved during the trial period led Newtech to select Telsonic equipment for the application. Additional attributes of the Telsonic system included the robustness and design of the converter for mounting to the robot, the exceptional cut quality and low noise operation. Telsonic’s scope of supply included 20kHz 500mm long single length blades, Telsonic MAG-WO20024-S generators and the aseptic SE2024-4/IP67 converter, designed for food cutting applications with integral cooling ports.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of plastic welding, sealing, food cutting, textile cutting, metal welding and cleaning applications.
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