Jul 28, 2014

Telsonic Wire Splice System Increases Capacity for Darlington EMS


Stockport based Darlington EMS is a specialist supplier of electronic manufacturing services, ranging from PCB assembly and wiring harnesses to panel build.  As Darlington’s customers continue to diversify from non-core activities, the company has seen an increase in demand for their services, including growth in wire splicing operations. To meet this specific need, Darlington’s has invested in the latest Ultrasonic Wire Splicing technology from Telsonic UK.

The new machine, delivered and commissioned earlier this year, is a TelsoSplice TS3 table type wire splicer. This 20kHz – 3kW system replaces older technology and provides not only greater capacity, but also the capability to process a larger range of wire sections, from 0.35 to 45mm2.


Machine set up and operation is achieved using Telsonic’s intuitive TelsoSplice Windows® based Software via a touchscreen. The system stores weld parameters and data that can be used for quality control / SPC purposes, and a network connection allows easy transfer of data to factory production management systems if required. Multiple access levels can be set to restrict or allow access to weld development and configuration menus.

The system incorporates an easily maintainable horn and anvil mechanism, which uses integrated cooling designed for high volume production on copper, aluminium or combinations of both.

In full production at Darlington EMS since the beginning of 2014, the TelsoSplice TS3 is proving to be both an efficient and cost effective system. Telsonic UK was selected by Darlington EMS for this project based upon the wire cross section range offered by the machine and the availability of UK based spares, maintenance and training support.

The TelsoSplice TS3 is also available as a hand held, portable unit for work on wire harness assembly boards and the larger TelsoSplice TS6 20kHz – 6.5kW unit handles wire cross sections from 2.5mm2 to 100mm2.

Telsonic UK offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for a variety of welding, sealing, food cutting, textile cutting, metal welding and cleaning applications.

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