Apr 1, 2011

The Best of Two Worlds


(Bronschhofen) The Swiss company Telsonic AG is presenting a global innovation at the Interpack. The new impulse sealing process brings the advantages of both sealing processes together. This is the first time that thermal sealing and ultrasonic welding were successfully united in one sealing unit. With it, multi-layer seal edges as well as thin foils can be securely sealed. The welding process becomes considerably more flexible.

"Together with our partner Ropex, we've succeeded in considerably strengthening the advantages of both thermal sealing and ultrasonic welding while eliminating the disadvantages of both," emphasizes Hartmut Möglich, responsible for the packaging area at Telsonic AG. The ultrasound experts have brought both processes together in one sealing station. In the process, thermal sealing prepares the foils by preheating. This improves the flow characteristics of the material. The Cirus impulse sealing technology from Ropex GmbH is used for this. Accordingly, a secure sealing process is prepared on a vertical form fill and seal machine, even with several layers on the longitudinal seam. Ultrasonic welding then ensures a secure edge sealing seam, since it also seals reliably in product-humidified zones.

Less heat and lower amplitude preserves

Since the thermal process gets by with less heat and the amplitude can be reduced during ultrasonic welding, the inherent disadvantages of both processes can be eliminated. For example, food is no longer heated unnecessarily and thin foils are no longer damaged. The cleaning power of ultrasound remains intact, however, and multiple layers are also securely sealed through the thermal process. In the sealing zone, there are no flaws due to contaminated surfaces, but only a clean welded bond. The welding process itself is now made considerably more flexible through the use of both processes. "Users can also take on previously difficult sealing situations," Möglich assures. For example, impulse sealing time can also be defined more precisely.

Möglich describes the idea for new impulse welding processes as follows: "Both processes, thermal impulse sealing and ultrasonic welding, have their inherent disadvantages, which disqualify them for certain applications. And so, at TELSONIC we gave the combination some thought. What came out of this is impulse sealing, which we developed together with Ropex and will bring to market with them."

Pioneer and technology leader from Switzerland

The Swiss company TELSONIC AG is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic technology. The company, founded in 1966, with subsidiaries in Germany, England, South-East Europe, China and the USA as well as a joint venture in India and representatives in many countries, holds numerous patents. It applies ultrasonic technology to welding, separation welding, cleaning and screening as well as to chemical processes and packaging.

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