Jun 16, 2022

The Digital Revolution in Ultrasonic Metal Welding Arrives in China


With a presence in China since 2007, TELSONIC Ultrasonic Equipment Co. Ltd has built up a strong experienced team with a solid reputation for supporting a broad range of customers across several markets including mechanical engineering, plastics, and automotive.

More recently Telsonic China has been working closely with the wire harness manufacturing industry, which demands the highest levels of performance and quality on a wide range of metal welding applications. The ultrasonic welding process already has a proven track record of offering a consistent and reliable solution to metal welding applications, and parent company Telsonic AG has been instrumental in the development of the technologies which address both the current and future needs of metal welding applications, especially those associated with the Electromobility sector.

The recent launch of Telsonic’s Telso®Terminal TT7 is already revolutionising ultrasonic metal welding applications within the Electromobility Sector, where Telso®Terminal TT7 specifically addresses the increasing demand for the highest levels of quality and process control in cable assembly, terminal assembly, and battery production applications.

The flexibility and capability inherent within this latest generation system is clearly demonstrated through the diversity of the applications where the system has been adopted to date. Telso®Terminal TT7 has been proven to be the optimum solution for a wide range of metal cable cross sections, configurations, and connector types.

New EV Sector Opportunities For Telsonic China

The delivery of a Telso®Terminal TT7 system to Telsonic China, combined with the extensive knowledge on wire harness applications for the EV sector gained globally by Telsonic, positions Telsonic China at the forefront of the market in the region.

Ricky Lai, Managing Director of Telsonic China explains. “As the EV sector in China continues to expand and develop, our customers are eager to embrace the latest generation technologies which will provide them with a competitive advantage. Our new Telso®Terminal TT7 system, with the latest state of the art PowerWheel® welding technology, not only supports this demand, but also allows us to demonstrate the inherent flexibility and capability of the system to produce the widest range of products, whilst achieving the highest levels of quality. The ability to run application trials in our Lab and allow potential customers to see the technology first hand will further reinforce customer confidence, not only in the technology itself, but also in the expertise resident within the Telsonic Group.”

Telsonic’s ultrasonic technologies are being increasingly adopted by a combination of OEM’s and Tier level suppliers within the Electromobility sector including BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Volkswagen, Leoni, Tyco, Yazaski and Aptiv to name but a few.

Headquartered at their current location in Shenzhen since 2012, Telsonic China also has staff located in a number of other locations including Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Suzhou to provide a local and efficient service.

by Ricky Lai, General Manager TELSONIC Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd and Tom Pettit, Genesis Sales & Marketing Limited

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