Mar 19, 2020

Ultrasonic technology for the Russian automotive industry

Technically optimum solutions are achieved most effectively when manufacturers and users work closely together and communicate with each other directly. This is particularly true for ultrasonic processes, which are increasingly gaining a foothold as reliable and economical joining and cuttingtechnology in lightweight automotive construction.

When an ultrasonic specialist and automotive supplier work together in the early design stage,an ultrasonic-compliant design of component and machining zone allows themachines to be custom-designed for economical operation, e.g., for mounting sensor brackets on thin-walled bumpers, door panels or spoilers. With headquarters near Moscow and representing the Swiss company Telsonic AG, Windeq TC is a competent partner for this task. The company is the first Russian system manufacturer to design and produce semi-automatic ultrasonic systems for the automotive supplier and has been an official supplier to Magna Russia since 2019. As such, the Russian automotive industry has a competent partner for ultrasonic processes directly on site.

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