May 14, 2019

Ultrasonic technology supports the development of innovative trends

Ultrasonic technology is probably best known from the diagnostic field, where it is used to create images of unborn children. However, ultrasonics are also used in many industrial processes, for example, to join or cut plastics and metals as well as to separate, cut or screen.

There are good reasons for this: The processes used are environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, as well as quick and inexpensive. Such characteristics are very much in demand in current topical issues, such as lightweight construction, electro-mobility and 3D printing, but also in the packaging and foodstuffs industries as well as in medical technology. As a pioneer in ultrasonic technology, Telsonic has developed production-ready ultrasonic solutions for these applications that are now used in a wide range of industries worldwide. No two applications are the same, the ultrasonic specialist also offers torsional welding technologies and various screening processes in addition to longitudinal welding.

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