Jul 6, 2023

Ultrasonic welding for the utilization of automotive busbars in high voltage distribution

Although the technology behind electric vehicles (EVs) has been around for some time, the last decade as has seen a significant increase in the sale of EVs and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) as private motor vehicles. With the benefits they provide, EVs are seen by many as the future of the automotive industry. As the market for EVs and HEVs grows, manufacturers will look to advancements in technology to improve the efficiency, power and capabilities of these vehicles and ultrasonic welding will play a part in these technological advancements. 

Since the late 1980’s the automotive wire harness manufacturing industry has been the single largest user of ultrasonic welding, mostly using the technology in the splicing of wires. However, new applications of the technology are being used as part of the future processes that will ultimately provide automotive manufacturers with solutions to many present-day shortcomings in EV technology.

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