Feb 22, 2016

Ultrasonics Assemble Automotive Sensors & Switches


The flexibility and reliability of ultrasonic welding has seen the process being adopted for a wide range of applications within the automotive industry to produce a variety of different component parts and sub assemblies.


The latest suite of ultrasonic welding systems from Telsonic UK draw on the precision characteristics of the process to produce a series of exterior and interior components, including sensor housings and switch bezels, for a number of current JLR models. 

When assembling interior trim components it is essential that the high quality of the “A” surface is maintained at all times. This of course requires attention to detail when considering materials and finishes for the component fixtures to maintain “A” surface integrity. Equally important however is the selection of the joining technology to be used to ensure that the welding process itself does not distort, discolour or otherwise damage these critical surfaces and finishes.

Ultrasonic welding offers precise and repeatable control of the joining process and these characteristics were instrumental in the selection of the technology to produce complete car sets of interior window control housing bezels for the X760 Jaguar. Each bezel comprises of a chrome surround and a painted facia which has the apertures for the window switches. These two individual parts are joined with six (passenger side) or nine (drivers master unit) staking tabs depending upon variant.

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