Feb 1, 2023

Understanding PowerWheel® for EV Cable Terminations

Ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals has been a proven technology for decades. However, since the early 1980’s, ultrasonic metal welding has dominated the automotive industry, with automotive wire harness manufacturers as the single largest user of the technology. 

Due to its efficiency and unbeatable quality, ultrasonic welding replaced mechanical crimping and resistance welding for all car brands almost immediately upon inception. The utilization of ultrasonic welding for automotive wire harnesses has seen even more rapid growth in the last decade due to the increase in electrically powered vehicles (EV). Telsonic’s innovative and industry changing torsional welding technique has in large part contributed to this rapid growth due to its unrivalled ability to address challenges such as weld size, welding in smaller areas, geometrical shapes, reaching the weld area, orientation of welding, and vibration effects on peripheral components.

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