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  • Sep 8, 2023
    Ultrasonic Welding - The Environmentally Friendly Technology for a Sustainable Future

    sustain_quer.jpeg In a time where environmental consciousness and sustainability play an increasingly vital role, it is crucial to leverage innovative technologies that make a positive contribution to reducing environmental impact. Ultrasonic welding is one such technology that is environmentally friendly in multiple ways and significantly contributes to promoting sustainability across various industries.

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  • Aug 7, 2023
    Telsonic receives the SIQT Innovation Award for Electrical Engineering 2023/24

    Siegel_EN_Telsonic_Kopie.jpg Telsonic has been honored by the Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (SIQT) as one of the most innovative mid-sized companies in Switzerland for 2023/24. In the field of electrical engineering, Telsonic achieved an outstanding 7th place.

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  • Aug 3, 2023
    SIG customers benefit from groundbreaking ultrasound innovation

    sig_neo_neu_03.jpg The ease of integration of the Telsonic ultrasonic technology within this latest generation filling and packaging system from SIG clearly demonstrates the flexibility and capability of the ultrasonic welding process, together with its ability to meet the combined demands of high performance alongside a much-reduced carbon footprint.

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  • Jul 24, 2023
    The Extensive Capabilities of Ultrasonic Metal Welding

    metal.jpg Telsonic offers a wide range of application solutions to meet the diverse requirements of metal welding. With innovative technologies and high-quality products, Telsonic has established itself as a reliable partner for various industries.

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  • Jul 20, 2023
    Successful ultrasonic welding connection for space application

    Norsat-1_node_Image_T._Abrahamsen.jpg After extensive testing, the torsional ultrasonic technology by Telsonic was ultimately chosen for the CLARA radiometer, developed by the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium in Davos (PMOD/WRC) a remarkably lightweight and compact device for measuring the total solar irradiance (TSI) in space.

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  • Jul 6, 2023
    Ultrasonic welding for the utilization of automotive busbars in high voltage distribution

    BUSBARS.jpg Since the late 1980’s the automotive wire harness manufacturing industry has been the single largest user of ultrasonic welding, mostly using the technology in the splicing of wires.

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