Cups, bowls, trays and blisters

The opening behaviour of packaging plays an increasingly important role in the customers’ product acceptance. This is also true for consumer goods. Especially elderly people have great demands to packaging and are the central clientele for them. 

SONIQTWIST® is the new ultrasonic sealing technology for containers and tins. The technique we have developed and patented is based on an entirely new way of using ultrasonics to seal and bond cup-lid combinations. The technology has proved itself exceptionally well, especially in packaging systems that can be peeled. Exceptional process advantages include the low partial stresses and consistent peeling, even on contaminated areas of the seal. SONIQTWIST® is equally suited for use with either lids or lidding films. 

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  • Realization of firm or peelable connections in fractions of a second
  • If product residues from the filling process remain in the sealing zone, they are completely displaced from the joint area by the ultrasonic vibration
  • Monitoring of the welding parameters significantly contributes to a consistent seal quality


  • Thermoformed cups with lid
    (meat, milk and cheese products, convenience food, salads etc.) 
  • Injection-mould containers 
    (Ice cream, milk and cheese products, spreads, pet food etc.)
  • Containers made of aluminium with lid
    (pet food, spreads, fish products, pastry etc.)

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