Pouches with functions spouts, valves, header, ...

There is a great variety of additional possibilities to realize special features on pouches: 

• Spout and aroma valves 
In contrast to an aroma valve, the welding of a spout  can be carried out both in an empty pouch (filling over the spout) as well as in a pouch already filled. The welding of both the applications is effectuated in one station only so that the number of necessary stations is significantly decreased thanks to the use of ultrasonics. Besides an increase of production safety, a further plus for ultrasonic welding is that the welding times are much shorter, thus enabling to have an inline process. 

• Headers
The handling and welding of headers is a further example for an perfect solution made by TELSONIC. Up to 40 headers/min can be applied securely on filled pouches.

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