Torsional method for demanding applications

Here the system is also generally arranged vertically, but this time the process is entirely different. This method is a type of high-frequency friction welding. The vibrations are applied tangentially: the sonotrode moves the upper connecting piece horizontally in relation to the lower connecting piece. The friction produces a melt between the two connecting pieces thanks to the high vibration frequency (20 KHz), amplitude, and pressure. Because of the tangential motion of the upper connecting piece, the lower connecting piece is placed under virtually no strain by the ultrasound. This method is therefore particularly suitable for applications where additional vibrations in the direct vicinity of the ultrasonic weld are undesirable due to a risk of damage, e.g. sensitive parts, foils, fabrics, thin die-cast components (die-injected springs; fine meshes), electronics. Under certain circumstances this method can be used for joining different plastics together.

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