Ultrasound Technology offers many Advantages

Ultrasound is probably best known from medical diagnostics where it is used to take pictures of unborn babies. In industry, ultrasound is used in a wide range of processes, such as cleaning, welding of plastics and metals, cutting, forming, testing of materials, separating, mixing, de-gassing, atomising, localising, measuring and many others.

Advantages in the industrial field

+ environmentally-friendly 

+ energy saving
+ fast 

+ efficient 
+ cost efficient 

Different vibrating systems for different applications

Longitudinal vibrating systems are used in many fields, e.g. for welding plastics and non-ferrous metals or for cleaning.

Torsional vibrating systems have the advantage that only a small part of the vibrations is transferred into the area surrounding the weld seam. 

Transverse vibrating systems are used for exciting screens.

Figure 1: Sonotrode for linear plastic welding
Figure 2: Sonotrode PowerWheel