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For many consumers, the open behavior of packaging plays an important role. Especially older people have high demands on quality. Simple closures such as cup/lid or the welding of laminated cardboard material which is often used in beverage cartons - ultrasonic welding offers reliable and durable connections.

Even with special functions, such as spouts or aroma valves short processing times are guaranteed with this technique, which allows inline processes. The TELSONIC developed and patented SONIQTWIST® technology offers ideal results for the capping of product packagings.


Boxes (for beverages)

Ultrasonic sealing meets all the requirements for processing coated carton materials.

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Cups, bowls, trays and blisters

The opening behaviour of packagings plays an increasingly important role in the customer’s product acceptance.

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Pouches with addtl. Functions

Great variety of additional possibilities to realize special features on pouches: spouts, valves, header, etc.

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