TELSONIC Ultrasonic Inc. Vibration Welders

TELSONIC Ultrasonic Inc. offers a full line of high and low frequency Vibration Welders. Our 15 year partnership with Daeyoung Ultrasonics and our vibration welding expertise with local engineering and manufacturing allows us to utilize our decades of knowledge. With superior support and technical service we offer assistance with application development, tooling design & build and prototyping. Looking into the future we are developing a full line of electric servo vibration welding machines. Please visit Telsonic at our new state of the art facility in Shelby Twp., MI to see what we have to offer.

Vibration welding principles

Linear vibration welding physically moves one of two parts horizontally under pressure, creating heat through surface friction that melts and welds the parts together. Compared to ultrasonic welding, vibration welding operates at much lower frequencies, higher amplitudes and much greater clamping force creating large sealed weld areas. Linear vibration welding is designed with electromagnetic heads that eliminate wear and lubrication associated with bearing surfaces.

Your benefits

  • Suitable for almost all thermoplastics
  • Very short process times

Linear vibration welding

  • One-step welding process
  • Process consists of the following phases: solid frictional phase, non-stationary melt layer formation, stationary melt layer formation, cooling or holding phase
  • The solid frictional phase generates a small amount of abraded particles (greatly depending on the material)
  • For every thermoplastic, this process achieves an optimum melting temperature on the joint surface


Vibration Welding Applications in the Automotive industry:

  • Airbag Frame
  • Duct Assembly to Main IP
  • Reinforcement to Main IP
  • Glovebox
  • Knee Bolster
  • Upper/Lower IP Assembly

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