Nov 24, 2021

Telsonic AG is once again one of the winners of the Innovation Awards 2021/22

Innovation Award for Telsonic Ultrasonic by the Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (SIQT), now for the second time. The award goes to Swiss companies that have distinguished themselves through their innovative strength.

This year, the focus was on no fewer than 1,784 companies, which were granted 7,941 patents worldwide in the approximately 130 main classes of the CPC patent system. The award was given to companies whose score (a combination of the number of patents and citation values) ranks among the top 10% in their industry.

Dirk Schnur, Chief Marketing Officer of the Telsonic Group, said: We want to make it clear that Telsonic is continuously among the top group of the most innovative companies in the country.

We are pleased that our technology and our achievements are recognized in this way by such a well-known organization. These awards not only cement our reputation as a trusted innovator in the field of industrial ultrasound technology but are also a testament to the dedication and hard work of all members of our international team.

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