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  • Vibration welding

    Vibration welding

    meets the rigorous standards of the automotive industry

  • Optional infrared preheating

    Optional infrared preheating

  • Suitable for most thermoplastics

    Suitable for most thermoplastics

  • Large welding room

    Large welding room

  • First-class process control

    First-class process control

  • For applications across multiple sectors including the automotive industry

    For applications across multiple sectors including the automotive industry

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    Data interfaces available

  • Meets the highest quality requirements

    Meets the highest quality requirements

    Our vibration program is subject to continuous development

Plastic welding vibration technology

Telsonic offers a complete range of high and low-frequency vibration welding systems in Europe, Russia, North Africa, the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The long-standing partnership with South Korean manufacturer Daeyoung Ultrasonics and the expertise in vibration welding with on-site design and production allows us to harness our decades of knowledge. With first-class support and technical service, we develop our customer's specific applications, design and build vibration welding tools, and conduct mutual development in the prototype phase.

Vibration welding technology explained in detail

Advantages Customer benefits

    • Suitable for nearly all thermoplastics (see here)
    • For joining complex 3D-shaped plastic components of different sizes
    • Very short process times possible
    • Communication with external sources such as robots, conveyor systems
    • Easy tool change
    • Optionally available with infrared preheating as well

    Applications in the automotive industry include: spoilers, instrument panels, glove boxes, storage compartments, engine covers, servo oil tanks, filters, trim and bumper strips and intake manifolds.

    Sales and customer service

    You can reach our competence teams either centrally or locally via our national subsidiaries in Germany and the USA.
    Your direct contact to us vibrationwelding(at)

    Competence Centre in Europe, Russia and North Africa: TELSONIC GmbH

    Competence Center for USA, Canada, Mexico: TELSONIC Ultrasonics Inc.

    • Telsonic GmbH, Fürth, Germany Telsonic GmbH, Fürth, Germany
    • Telsonic Ultrasonics, Michigan, USA Telsonic Ultrasonics, Michigan, USA
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    Product range

    Vibration Welding