Welding wires onto standardized terminals


Standardized terminals such as MAK, MCON, DCS or dHPT are mainly used in vehicle construction for high-current applications. They have to be electrically connected to copper wires with various cross-sections so that they are reliable and conductive. The welding system must be able to adapt to different cable dimensions and terminal sizes.


A linear MPX universal welding system was used for this application. An automatic stop makes sure the cable is in the right position. The clamping and positioning device for various terminal shapes and sizes is easy to adapt thanks to interchangeable components. The TCS5 process controller comes with a wide array of quality monitoring options and convenient touchscreen operation.

Configuration advantages

Thanks to its modular structure, the linear 20 kHz MPX welding system with a modern MAG generator has a high degree of flexibility when it comes to integrating with other machines and attaching additional components. A few simple steps are all it takes to set the machine up for other types of terminal and other cable sizes. This system is equally suitable for MAS, MAK and other terminal types.

Copper cables on MAK terminals