Cut, Cut'n'Seal with Ultrasonics

Separating solids

A knife blade vibrating at an ultrasonic frequency can easily slice into the material, cutting it precisely without producing any waste.

The manufacturing of nonwovens and wovens, in particular for filters, must be economical and process-safe. With our ultrasonic technology, we are able to separate accurately and quickly, and weld edges in an aesthetical and reliable way. Sonotrodes and anvils especially designed for this kind of application enable us to achieve almost any type of form. Our customers from the medical technology, cosmetics, cleaning and engineering industry appreciate this a lot.

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Areas of Application:

Contour cutting in a single stroke

Microfine welding of the fiber ends and subsequent separation in a single operation enables the efficient production of high quality products of medical and filter technology. ++ more details

Continuous / discontinuous

Accurate sealing and cutting of woven and non-woven fabrics in continuous operation regardless of speed. ++ more details

Cutting and welding on

Enables flexible trimming of combined polymer and textile formed parts with the highest quality cutting edge. ++ more details


Speed, low application of force + zero residue: ultrasonics as preliminary stage upstream of packaging processes ++ more details

Separating solids

The minimal cutting force prevents the material to be cut from moving during the cutting process. ++ more details

Cutting of solid materials

Specially processed blades effortlessly cut tough and high-strength materials ++ more details