Sieving Increase your throughput with ultrasonic technology

The sieving industry is becoming increasingly complex as powders get finer, expected throughput times are shorter, and tolerance requirements tighten. As equipment manufacturers are reaching their limits trying to achieve these requirements, they are turning to ultrasonic technology for the solution.

Ultrasonic technology assists by stimulating even the finest screen fabrics and prevents them from becoming clogged, which in turn increases the throughput rate. Due to the permanent cleaning of the sieve, the degree of selectivity for the sieved product is also higher. Telsonic offers an optimized resonance system solution that delivers the maximum performance for the lowest expenditure.

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Areas of Application:

Protective sieving

The aim of protective sieving is a high throughput within a short time.

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The clean separation and grading into the required grain sizes is a complex task for the sieving plant manufacturer.

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During the dedusting process, fine dust particles are separated from the sieving by ultrasonics.

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Laboratory sieve

Laboratory sieving determine the fractionation of the sieving.

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Powder processing

During powder coating and in 3D printing, powder residues accumulate constantly throughout the operating process.

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Centrifugal sifting

Centrifugal sifter that are equipped with metal screen mesh must be equipped with ultrasonics.

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