Ultrasonic Sieving Technology explained in detail

Process description 

A Telsonic sieving system comprises a generator, a converter and a matched screen resonator with installation frame. The generator and converter generate the vibrations and direct them into the resonator. With the Telsonic systems, sonic propagation via the resonator is uniform and widespread. The ultrasound waves cause the applied screen fabric to vibrate. This prevents clogging, increases throughput and improves selectivity. More correctly-sized granulate is recovered from the sieving material and the process times are reduced. 
The sieving industry employs ultrasonic components in the most diverse areas. The main applications are classification, protective sieving, dedusting and conventional analysis screening in laboratories.

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Several settings adapted to the sieving material are possible. 

Application areas 

International, industrial applications in small and large series, vibration and tumble screens, laboratory screens, flat screens. 

Customer benefits

  • Maximum safety through ATEX-certified Telsonic products
  • Higher sieving throughput
  • Improved quality owing to efficient removal of soiling in the sieving material
  • Highly reliable process
  • Efficient cleaning of screens 
  • Low wear of materials 
  • Greater separation accuracy of the sieved material 
  • Better material flow 
  • Comprehensive and detailed product information and documentation 


  • automotive
  • medical
  • food
  • plastics
  • paints-coatings



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