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Ultrasonic technology supports the development of innovative trends

  • Electromobility

    Ultrasonics and electromobility – a powerful combination
    Ultrasonic-based processes and electric vehicles have much in common: Efficiency, performance capability, reliability, connectivity and eco-friendliness are among the essential characteristics that they both possess.
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  • Lightweight construction

    Bumper welding - automotive lightweight construction
    New plastic parts and torsional welding SONIQTWIST® from Telsonic accelerate lightweight construction in the automotive industry Telsonic's gentle, torsional welding process has been successful worldwide for decades.
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  • Additive manufacturing

    Powder processing
    The valuable powders are subject to the most stringent of quality requirements and should be reused in the printing process. 3D printers have an internal or external powder processing unit that uses ultrasound to screen out clumps and other contaminants.
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  • Breathing masks

    Assembled with ultrasonic welding
    Breathing masks protect against fine dust, smoke or liquid mist and provide some protection against bacterial and viral droplet infections. Particle filtering folding or molded masks are divided into the protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The protection class defines the structure of the filter materials.
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  • Sustainability

    Energy efficiency - Energy specifically used
    Ultrasound for industrial processes is a very energy-efficient technology. The energy is used specifically and released only for as long as it is needed. Losses due to, e.g. heating are minimal.
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