• Bumper Welding

    Bumper Welding

  • Bumper with PDC holder

    Bumper with PDC holder

    Wall thickness < 3mm

  • Bumper with PDC holder

    Bumper with PDC holder

    Up to 10% weight reduction

  • Worldwide automation

    Worldwide automation

    Projects with approved integrators

  • Thin-wall welding

    Thin-wall welding

    Ready to install welding module for automation systems

Bumper welding automotive lightweight construction

New plastic parts and torsional welding SONIQTWIST® from Telsonic accelerate lightweight construction in the automotive industry Telsonic's gentle, torsional welding process has been successful worldwide for decades.

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Examples of applications for secure attachment using SONIQTWIST® are: sensor holders for parking and side-line assistance systems (PDC, SLA), holders for headlight cleaning systems (SRA), air-guiding systems (brakes), rocker panels, radar and ultrasonic sensors, and camera systems.

Torsional welding supports trends in the automotive exterior and interior sector

  • Thin wall technology for weight reduction (wall thickness 2.5mm and thinner are possible) 
  • New designs and functionalities 
  • More sensors due to autonomous driving
  • Applications: PDC, SLA, air handling systems, side skirts, windscreen cleaning system and much more 

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Advantages Torsional thin wall welding

Thin wall welding with Telsonic torsional welding process compared to alternative technologies, such as linear ultrasonic welding, gluing or laser welding:

  • Significant savings in overall costs due to less use of materials, no expensive additives, less wear on tools, low energy costs
  • Significant weight saving because components can be designed with a thinner wall
  • No marking on already painted parts (Class A surfaces) 
  • Fulfillment of highest OEM quality requirements
  • High tensile strength (400N)
  • Short cycle time (welding time around 300ms)
  • High flexibility in component design
  • High process stability
  • Low integration effort into different automation concepts

Support by Telsonic

For component design according to our patented design guidelines 

  • Compact or large assemblies are possible (for example PDC or SLA) 
  • FEM simulations  
  • Quick experiments with portable hand welding unit are possible 

Proven technology

  • Torsional technology has been used in various applications for more than 20 years. 
  • Magna won the SPE Innovation Award in 2018 for use in the Skoda Octavia   
  • Worldwide projects with numerous OEM and Tier 1 suppliers

Support for system manufacturers

  • Special machines or robot systems 
  • Installation guidelines and apporved process for quality assurance 
  • Defined startup process with licensing 
  • Standard components and Telso®Assist functionality secure fast and competent support, worldwide. 


Let us convince you of the versatile application possibilities and advantages and contact us for a trial welding! 

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